Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Serum No. 5 FW14 Part 1 swatches and review

*provided for review

Good morning!!!! I have 2 gorgeous fall themed polishes from Serum No. 5 to show you all today!!! I actually have quite a handful of amazingness from this brand but good things come to those who wait ;-)

Serum No. 5 is a new brand to me but one I've always had my eye on! I've heard excellent things about her polish, especially her glow-in-the-dark creations. 

The 2 polishes I have for you today are from Part 1 of her FW2014 collection. This is a 2-part collection, 7 of which were released earlier this month with the second half releasing tomorrow October 1st. 



Right off the bat, I'm super impressed with the packaging!! Each bottle comes individually in it's own box and just the presentation of it all is so classy!! I love it when brands go the extra mile. You know right then that you are getting a great product!!

The first polish I have is the mesmeric and autumnal "Leaves You Breathless" This is a gorgeous glitter topper full of red, gold, bronze, green, orange, brown, yellow, and tan hues in different arrays floating around in a clear base. This one is amazing and totally makes me want to go out and rake leaves. Okay, maybe not BUT I will sit here and stare at those crisp glitters!!



Formula for this one was utter perfection, it was glitter dense but not thick.. I didn't need to fish for glitters and it was so dense that I only needed one swipe on my nails to get the coverage that I wanted. I like my glitters beautiful and effortless and this one is both. The glitters are a tad hungry so I applied one coat of Gelous followed by Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle top coat.

Shown is one coat over Barielle My Tan Blazer.




Sleepy Holo is a superb, slightly linear charcoal gray holographic "creme". The name alone makes it awesome. I've always had a fascination with the whole Sleepy Hollow story and LOVE the tv series.



Now I say "creme" because formula-wise, it is more opaque than most holos. One coat was a taaad patchy but the second coat basically applied itself  and we were good to go. I love how effortless the application of Sleepy Holo was. Formula was thin but thick enough to be a charm to control, does that make sense? Call it a happy medium of sorts :-) I couldn't wait to get my hands out in the sun to really see this at work because I could tell by the bottle that the results were going to be incredible!!

Shown is 2 coats followed by Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle top coat.


Outdoors, sunlight


I'm so pleased with my first experience with this brand!! Both polishes are distractingly beautiful. I'm seriously worried about driving while wearing Sleepy Holo, haha! These polishes along with the others are available from her website here and she also has nail vinyls as well! I have some of those to show you at a later time :-) Along with polish, vinyls, and nail art accessories, there are treatments as well! Look for a Cuticle Serum review in the future ;-) Also make sure to 'like' Serum No. 5 on facebook! You can also find her polishes on Llarowe.

Leaves You Breathless retails for $12.00 and Sleepy Holo is $13. I will list below the international stockists as well

Do you own any polishes from Serum No. 5? I'm in love with these 2 and can't wait to try more!!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pretty & Polished Halloween Collection 2014 swatches and review

*Press Sample

Good morning Polish Peeps!! I have 2 of the 3 polishes in Pretty & Polished's new Halloween Collection that is launching Wednesday to show you!!! The Halloween Collection for this year is made up of a color changer, glitter topper, and a glitter jelly. I'm going to start by saying that you will need all 3, especially once you see swatches of the 2 I have for you today!!


First up I have the glitter topper, She Did the Mash. I absolutely adore the route Chels took with this one. Not your traditional Halloween glitter topper but once you spot those skull and cross bone glitters, you are sure to fall in love! If you've never been a fan of those glitters, this polish will make you one!! In a clear base we have an array of matte glitters of assorted shapes, sizes, and colors. I saw the skulls and cross bones, hearts, stars, circle glitters, triangles, and hexes. This is such a bewitching blend and definitely a Monster Mash in a bottle!!



This is extremely glitter dense and you won't have to worry about sinking glitters in this! Each glitter was so easy to get to! I did the spread/dab method for this and applied 2 thin coats over Pretty & Polished 'Jessie'
Since there are large glitters in this, it doesn't dry smooth so to prevent any glitter snagging, I applied 2 coats of Gelous followed by Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle and that did the trick.


Seriously, how much fun is this?! You could pull this off ANY time of the year!!



Sorry, I couldn't help it!!

The second polish is Black is the New Orange, a color changing jelly that goes from a dark soot, almost black when cold to a pumpkin orange when hot. Once I swatched it I fell in LOVE!!! It's a lot darker than shown. My bottle shots always look lighter than when I swatch them.


Formula for this was perfect. The first coat did apply sheer so you will definitely need at least 3 for a more opaque appearance. I applied 3 thickish coats to get the squishy appearance I wanted followed by Swift Sparkle. Chels never disappoints with her thermals! It's hard to get a pure black jelly but I think she nailed it with this one!! This polish definitely confirms that I need some Halloween plates! How fun would pumpkin faces be over this!? You could also layer a fun Halloween themed glitter topper over this too!! The possibilities are endless

In it's cold state


Hot state

The Pretty & Polished Halloween Collection will be available October 1st and can be purchased from their website here and from Mei Mei's SignaturesEdgy Polish, and Dazzled for any international purchases.

Don't forget to 'like' their facebook page and follow their Instagram as well!!!

What do you think about these spooky polishes? I'm in love with them and will definitely be picking up the third in this collection, it's a stunner too!!!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Milani: Bedazzled Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Garnet swatches and review

*press sample

Hey there Peeps! Oh my, do I have a stunner for you today. Milani has released 2 new shades that are in their new Bedazzled Color Statement Nail Lacquer line and I have Enchanted Garnet to show you.

If you go for vampy, sultry shades, Enchanted Garnet is the polish for you. Saturated with the most elegant shade of deep red and garnet shimmer, this polish is down right mesmerizing!

Milani-Bedazzled-Color-Statement-Nail-Lacquer-Enchanted Garnet-swatch

Formula and application were perfection. I was so surprised upon the first brushstroke to find out that this is in a deep merlot, almost black jelly base. The first coat was sheer but with the second coat everything leveled out and this beauty transformed to a full-coverage dream. I went one step further and applied a third coat to see if the color would get any deeper and I wasn't disappointed. This is beautiful. I didn't have any staining and their brushes make application a dream. If I had a polish that I had to wear for the rest of my life, I think I would feel confident saying that this would be it!! The fact that it looks so great on my nubs is a plus too. I'm always so self conscious when my nails are shorter and this polish gives me confidence!! The shade of red is on point too, it's such a perfect shade for fall but will transition perfectly into winter too.

Milani-Bedazzled-Color-Statement-Nail-Lacquer-Enchanted Garnet-swatch

Look at that gorgeous red shimmer!! I could get lost in it!!

Milani-Bedazzled-Color-Statement-Nail-Lacquer-Enchanted Garnet-swatch

Enchanted Garnet and Enchanted Emerald are available online from Milani Cosmetics.com and are $3.99 each.  You can also find Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquers at certain drugstores and grocery stores as well. I also am happy to add that this brand is also Cruelty Free!! As always if you order from their website, shipping is free with any order over $25. Unfortunately Milani is only available in the US right now so I apologize to all of my international readers!

Are you in love with this shade as much as I am? Can't get enough of it!! The fact that a polish that is only $3.99 that is this amazing just blows my mind.

Be sure to like their facebook page as well so you get the latest news and product information!

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