Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kiss Nail Dress Nail Strips in Daiquiri

*Purchased myself

Hey there Polish Peeps!! It's Thursday so the week is almost over and the weekend almost upon us!! It has been gorgeous here the past couple days but today is dark and dreary and it ALMOST looks like it's going to rain. I hope not, I love the sunshine!!

Today I have the nails I wore at my youngest's 1st Birthday party!! His party theme was the circus and even though this print isn't very circus-y, I just loved it!

I have to blame Stefanie of Fairly Charming for being the enabler here. Once I saw her Kiss Nail Dress-Comic Nail Strips post I knew I had to have them! I mean, come one, doesn't her post make you want to go out and buy them?! I found them at my local Wal Mart and knew they would be great at the party!! I had tons to do and not a lot of time to spend on my nails so these Nail Dresses looked like the perfect convenience!

I admit, I was a bit wary at first. I've never really used or been a big fan of nail strips but were pleasantly surprised with these!!


I love how they came with full and french options!!! Application was really easy and to extend the wear, I applied a matte topcoat. I really love NYC New York Color's Matte me Crazy!! Also, I have no clue why these are called Daiquiri since they look like the exact opposite to me. I just love the comic-strip, pop art feel to them!

Ignore the hair please! Didn't notice it til I edited AFTER I removed these. So much anger :-/

I also ended up getting in the same trip, a Fingr's Heart 2 Art nail gem kit and I definitely wanted to use those to give this mani a bit more pizzazz!! After applying the matte top coat, I applied a bit of nail glue on my index and applied a square silver stud I had in a little nail art grab bag and for the french tip on my pinky, I applied a black star from the Fingr's kit!

I was in LOVE with this!! I was also super surprised at the wear time on this. It actually lasted a few days! I really think it helps to top coat these nail strips. I didn't run into any tip wear or lifting.

Look! I has a thumb!!

Also, here is a pic of my darling baby boy getting into his smash cake and a smash cake before pic. I made the cake!! I'm not a professional by any means but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!!!
Now he is a month older and WALKING EVERYWHERE!! Everywhere.

What do you think of these Kiss Nail Dresses? Have you ever tried any of the designs and did you like them?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rainbow Gradient Skittles with NYC New York Color City Samba Collection

*Press Sample

Happy Hump Day Polish Peeps!!! I have a fun gradient mani for you all today that I WAS going to post tomorrow but I couldn't wait!!!

I was sent the NYC New York Color City Samba collection a couple weeks ago to swatch and I was so excited to do some nail art with these!! I ended up being inspired by my friend Cristina of Let Them Have Polish and her Salon Perfect Neon POP Rainbow Ombre Nail Art that she did.

I immediately knew the colors I would use for this.

Clockwise from left: Carnival Red, Copabanana, Tropicoral, Jacaranda Flower, Sweet Melon, and Amazon Green.

I followed Cristina's YouTube tutorial for the accent nail but decided to go off on another route and make each nail different!

I started off with a white base and a makeup wedge sponge. I didn't want to make a traditional gradient where you paint the lines horizontally on the sponge so I decided to paint them at alternating angles how I wanted them to be on the nail.

The index finger is Amazon Green and Copabanana, middle is Jacaranda Flower and Tropicoral, the ring is all of them using Cristina's tutorial, and the pinky is Sweet Melon and Carnival Red.


Just like in her video, I decided to apply one coat of KBShimmer Prism Break, an amazing holo top coat!!!

KBShimmer Prism Break 

KBShimmer Prism Break

I'm so in love with the turnout of this!!!! What do you all think of this fun, holo, rainbow gradient?!?! Reminds me of a bag of Skittles!  Cristina's video was so easy to follow too. I'm really glad she'll be making more!!!

Tomorrow I will have the NYC City Samba Collection swatched so stay tuned because they are GORGEOUS!!!!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Water Marble with Milani Bella Blue!

*products used previously provided for review

Goood mornin' Polish Peeps!!! I have another water marble for you today!! I wanted to see how Milani Bella Blue would work in a marble so I decided to grab a couple more Milani shades from their new Color Statement line up that would be complimentary to Bella Blue. Since it has gorgeous blue shimmers, I picked Milani Water Front. To play off that mysterious purple duochrome that is elusive in photos, I chose Milani Imperial Purple.

I had no rhyme or reason to my marble design. Just go with the flow, man!

Bella Blue

Bella Blue

I discovered two things while creating this water marble, Bella Blue spreads great while the Color Statements are not water marble friendly. I ended up having to alternate BB with with Imperial Purple and Water Front to help the two of those spread out more. Meaning, I would do a drop of Bella Blue, a drop of Imperial Purple, a drop of Bella Blue, then a drop of Water Front. Since Bella Blue spreads well in the water, it would spread the other 2 out enough for me to actually get a design.

This time around I also used a long wooden skewer to make my designs. I love multipurpose kitchen gadgets!! I was low on toothpicks and my orangewood stick was too big so I went in my pantry and grabbed the wooden skewers we use for kabobs!! They are actually the perfect tool for marbling and aren't that expensive! Mine aren't the big ones but the ones for smaller kabobs ( I use them to grill pineapple )

 Imperial Purple

Water Front

I actually am really loving how this turned out! I wish that blue shimmer was more apparent and that I could have captured the purple duochrome in this. At first I thought it looked reminiscent of a galaxy but when I shared this in a facebook group I'm a member of, my lovely ladies said it looked just like sand art!!!

I think my favorite nail of this marble would have to be the ring finger, I keep averting my eyes back to that one! I love the design and how Bella Blue stands out with the shimmer!

If you are looking for some tips on creating a successful water marble, check out my When All Else Fails, Add GLITTER! blog post! I touch on my first real water marble experience and some helpful hints I learned along the way that might help you out if you are struggling with water marbles!

What do you think of this water marble? Any nail your particular favorite?

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