Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ellagee: I Wish You Peace swatches and review

*this polish purchased at a discount for the purpose of an honest review

Good Morning Polish Peeps! Happy First Day of Fall!!! I will be celebrating by having my air conditioning unit worked on :-P The motor that turns the fan died and a technician came out last week and we thought he had fixed it and lo and behold, it's not working. Granted, the weather has been beautiful and we've been enjoying fresh air through opened windows but it's something that still needs to be fixed. Yay for warranties! We're also having a DirecTV tech come out later as well since we are upgrading to the Genie. This solves our Netflix conundrum! I'm still a little intimidated by the fact that my new remote is voice activated o_O

I have an astonishing beauty on the blog today, ellagee's "I Wish You Peace". I don't have a nail polish shade, yet alone a holo quite like this so that was a deciding factor for one of the reasons why I chose this :-P Now you all know that this brand is no stranger to my blog ( you might remember the amazing Golden Lotus 24k gold flake top coat I reviewed this past summer ), I love her polishes and her Glass top coat is among my favorite top coats and one I use the most!!



"I Wish You Peace" can best be described as a deep and dark forest green linear holo. Such an eye-catching beauty!! Looking at this reminds me of my favorite Yankee candle, Mistletoe. It is the closest thing that smells to a REAL pine Christmas tree and it is heaven!! I know it's only fall and you're probably wondering why in the world we're talking about a Christmas polish but I wanted this one because it can be worn now through winter!! 


Formula for "I Wish You Peace" was a bit on the thick side but that made for a breezy application since it was so easy to control. The first coat applied sheer so this isn't a one coater but everything evened out with the second coat. I probably could have stopped at that second coat but like I've stated before, my safe number is 3 so I did 3 coats for these swatches followed by a thin coat of ellagee Glass. I just absolutely adore the holographic shimmer in this. Call me crazy but I want to wear this and run around saying "Tis the season!!"  


I was blessed with a beautiful amount of natural sunlight yesterday so of course I had to run out and get some pics. Thank goodness I live in the middle of the woods because I can only imagine the weird stares I would get if I had neighbors :-P


Bottom line is if you have yet to purchase an ellagee, make this your first one. I really think this is a shade that would compliment any skin tone and look great on any nail length. I simply love this on my nubs! I was telling Laura this morning about how in love I am with this and she said how it was a part of a Christmas Collection last year but she decided to keep it around. I am so glad she did because I would be heartbroken if I missed out on this beauty!!

"I Wish You Peace" is available HERE from her website and is $10.75 for a 15 mL bottle. I will warn you though, it's hard to choose just one! She also has a new collection inspired by The Fault in Our Stars that is currently available for pre-order. Make sure to 'like' Ellagee's facebook page so you can stay up-to-date with new releases!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

CrowsToes That boy is a P-I-G Pig swatches

*purchased myself

Hey there Polish Peeps!! I'm showing you all my nails of the day and it's a polish I was so lucky to get my hands on, CrowsToes "That boy is a P-I-G Pig". This polish was included in Llarowe's A Box In-died for the month of August. I'm not a box subscriber but the more and more polish sneak peeks that I see every month makes me rethink that decision, haha! I ended up finding this one in a destash through one of the members in my CrowsToes facebook group that I'm in!

"That boy is a P-I-G Pig" is a light, pale pink jelly with iridescent pearl flakies and a pink and blue microshimmer. The fact that this would look great over anything and the fact that it's out of the norm for Madame Crow made me want this all the more! 


This applies really sheer but I found the perfect coverage for me at 3 coats. You could also layer this over a corresponding pink shade for a more opaque appearance or over a dark shade if your looking for a bit more vamp with an ethereal edge.



This goes along with all of the other CrowsToes as in I have yet to come across one I don't like!! Her polishes are up there as one of my favorite brands! If you were lucky to get this in A Box In-died, and haven't worn it yet I hope these swatches inspire you to go put it on! It really is a gorgeous and versatile polish!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pretty & Polished It's Funnier in Enochian Supernatural inspired collection partial

*Press Sample

Hey there Polish Peeps! I have 3 polishes to show you from Pretty & Polished's It's Funnier in Enochian Supernatural inspired collection today. Now for those of you that follow Supernatural, don't hate me but *whispers* I've never watched it.........It's always been one of those shows that I always mean to watch but along with sharing the tube with my kids and husband, it never happened. This show sounds like it's right up my alley though so I have no clue why I've waited so long! Now, after seeing these polishes and the names, I feel compelled to Netflix episodes. Now I will say that Google is my friend and was most certainly a source of my info for these swatches. 

Left to right: I Can Quit Anytime I Want, Send in the Clowns, Hunter Green ( Get It?)

First up we have I Can Quit Anytime I Want. Of course, I have no clue what that means but thank goodness Chels never fails us in having descriptions with her polishes. This is inspired by Sam's addiction to Demon Blood. :-Z  I had no clue who Sam was so off to Google I went. HELLO JARED PADALECKI! Good Lord, I'll just watch it for the eye candy!! I'll wait to post a pic of him after the swatches so you aren't distracted :-P
This polish is described as a dark red jelly that dries matte, let's face it, it's a blood red hue and it's GORGEOUS!! I love oxblood shades like this and the fact that it dries matte is so much more appealing I think!


I have no clue why my bottle shots look off in color but it's not brown at all. The color accuracy is in the swatch photos below.

Formula for this was extremely easy to work with. It's a jelly polish so it is sheer but builds to a nice and squishy appearance in 3 coats. I was feeling lucky and went with 4 which only deepened the gorgeous crimson hue. I did notice that it can make your cuticles a mess if you're not careful in your application so be sure to keep it away from your cuticles. There was some unmixed pigments floating around which you can see in the above picture but I didn't get any on the brush or on my nail so it wasn't a big concern of mine. I've already notified Chels and she said that it was my batch that was like that and that the problem has been fixed for future bottles!!! This dries to a waxy, matte finish but you can most certainly add top coat for a glossy look!

4 coats of I Can Quit Anytime I Want 

4 coats of I Can Quit Anytime I Want 

You're welcome.
Supernatural Sam Winchester

Hunter Green ( Get It?) is a army green creme inspired by how Sam and Dean just kick all the major butts being the awesome demon hunters that they are. Oh yes. Dean. *sigh* Stay tuned for him.


This one had an easy formula too but applied a tad bit more sheer than cremes that are more opaque in nature. It walks a fine line of being a crelly but it's not there yet. I applied 3 coats for the photos below. This was another batch I got that had unmixed pigment but alas, none on my nails!! Yay! The polish gods were smiling down on me :-) Chels is aware of this one too and future batches are fixed! I finished off with one coat of Swift Sparkle and was good to go!!

3 coats of Hunter Green (Get It?) 

3 coats of Hunter Green (Get It?) 

Again, you are most welcome.

The last polish I have to show you today, Send in the Clowns, is based off of Sam's fear of clowns. I love glitter toppers and the magical metallic confection that is this polish speaks to my heart!!!!



I think the shards in this is what I was most excited about. This polish is supposed to be inspired by clowns exploding into confetti and I think they shards make sense as the torn pieces of clothing falling around Sam! I saw purple, orange, green, and aqua hexes of various sizes as well. This was an extremely easy polish to work with in terms of application. I did have to spread around a bit on my nail but I was worried about how accessible the silver shards would be. Leave it to Chels to never let me down!! The shards were a'plenty and I didn't have to fish for a single one. I applied 2 dabbed coats over Milani Enchanted Garnet. Since the shards have a tendency to stick up on the nail, I applied one coat of Gelous followed by one coat of Swift Sparkle and that smoothed everything out perfectly. This is such a versatile blend of glitters. Completely seasonally cohesive, you could wear this year round over any shade!

2 dabbed coats over Milani Enchanted Garnet

 2 dabbed coats over Milani Enchanted Garnet

What do you think of these polishes? Do you watch Supernatural?
Overall I love all 3 and they are interesting enough to make me want to start watching myself ( HONEST! ) These 3 and the remaining 2 are available right now from shopprettyandpolished.com.

Please make sure to 'like' their facebook page and also follow them on Instagram!

*Products in this post provided for my honest review, please see full disclosure for more details.

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